“Nelly del Arbo tiene la capacidad de ver los momentos y adjuntarlos a la foto. Es arte Trabajar con Nelly es exigente y da resultados si quieres algo más de lo habitual.Nelly es fotógrafa y gestiona la fotografía como su herramienta de diálogo con la belleza y la verdad del momento. Como artista, ella es un sueño para cooperar.” - Jarl Goli


I ❤ Nelly del Arbo's energy! I find her job so artistic as her spirit, free, spontaneous, expressive with sympathetic manners! It's so easy to have her around, she is doing magic from each instant. Her naturalness and contrasts combined perfectly together, never stop me to surprise! She clearly has an eye for depth, getting into most raw and intimate feelings, playing with charisma she gives the sense of both: humility and strength.
At our OJPA orchestra of 200 musicians Nelly del Arbo was immediately appreciated and loved. One year ago she has become an important member of our big family and we hope that our music is adding to her passion and creation. Keep going Nelly, all the best! - Diana Scoarta( Executive Director OJPA/FIJO)

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